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Although i will continue my politic to give you many FREE refills and wav samples , and other free useful things , from time to time  i need your support ! Because of this , and because i don't want to open subscription lists , donations or others like these , i preffer to give you something indeed useful to anyone, at the best quality  and  a very low price !  Thank you ! And now downloading the free (fully  functional) demos !



   - 8.000 different HQ one-shot wav samples  

   - 700 Mb in wavs format , 218 Mb in refill format 

   - NO LOOPS ! Only one-shot samples !

     You can choose between wavs version or refill version

     The cost is only 29 $ USD (packaging and shipping included)

    More details...



 ( only 29 $ USD)    Details about payment's method and delivery time

   Download the free demo one-shot samples :  details wavs  or  details  refill 

 See HERE the photos of the SUPERDRUMS 8000 instruments !   Reviews about SUPERDRUMS 8000 HERE !

This professional quality CD contains  8.000 different HQ one-shot drum samples grouped in 46 thematic folders and subfolders  :

BASS DRUMS (2400) - SNARES (2600) [SNARES-2436/BRUSHES-8/RIMS-126/ROLLS-30 ] - TOMS (413) - CYMBALS (1219) [HH-1008 / SPLASH-13 / CRASH-75 / RIDE-116 / CHINESE-7] - TAMBOURINES (170) - WOODBLOCKS (14) - TRIANGLES (54) - CLAVES (55) - MARACAS (14) - CABASA'S (26) - SHAKERS (63) - CASTANETS (9) - GUIROS (23) - VIBRASLAPS (12) - COWBELLS (38) - TAIKOS (17) - TIMPANI (34) - TIMBALES (21) - BONGOS (116) - CONGAS (153) - CUICAS (7) - KALIMBAS (15) - BAMBOOS (10) - STEEL DRUMS (89) - STICKS (7) - AGOGO BELLS (61) - SLEIGHBELLS (8) - TIBETANBELLS (7) - GONGS (16) - CHIMES (5) - CLAPS (246) - FINGERS (10) - WHISTLES (9) -  REVERSES (59)

All 8.000 samples were recorded at 96000 hz/24 bits , processed and then dithered down to 44100hz/16 bits . All are normalized . No pops , no clicks , no hiss , no distorsion ,no background noises , no clipping at the end ! No chopped sounds but also not unuseful spaces before or after the samples ! All samples are perfect !
NO BIG AND UNUSEFUL LOOPS !!!!  You know , can producing 500.000 loops or more with those samples , to have many Gb-s and many cd's !!! But NO ! I want to give you a honest cd , a very useful tool for your compositions ! Here you 'll find all the drums , acoustic or electronic , analog or digital ,natural or synthetic , ALL ! Suitable for any genre of music ! Forget your searches , don't loose your time , now you have them all in one place !

How has it been realised ?

It has taken more then 6 months of hard work !!!  A big team (almost 30 of my friends , drummers and computer's users !) helped me out ! The acoustic kits were recorded in the studio ! Other samples were produced with various electronic drum machines ! Other's were produced with almost all the softwares with wich drums can be produced ! A really hard work !


All sounds are licensed to you by Doru MALAIA. When you purchase a sampling CD you are not obtaining ownership of the sound samples - you are purchasing a license to use the sound samples within your musical compositions, whether or not your compositions are released commercially.This license is not transferable.
I will always retain ownership of the sound samples. All sounds remain property of Doru MALAIA .
You may use and modify the sounds for use in commercial productions, musical compositions, soundtracks or in any musical and/or audiovisual productions such as a film, television show, advertisement, website, videogame, or other media production, without paying any additional royalties, license fees, or any other fees to Doru MALAIA or third parties.
All copying, duplicating, reselling or trading of these sounds is strictly prohibited. This includes creating a new sample library in a database or on any form of media such as CD-ROM, CDA, DVD, DVD-R, any form of magnetic or optical storage media, or in any way deemed inappropriate by Doru MALAIA in accordance with this agreement and international law. You can not transfer the sound files electronically or via any peer to peer file sharing program, FTP site, service bureau operation, DRS, computer network or in any way not expressly allowed by Doru MALAIA. Only the original purchaser has the right to use the sound samples. You may not distribute, sell, rent, lease, sublicense, assign, or otherwise transfer any of the sounds.
You will exercise due diligence and maintain strict safeguards on all sounds received by you from Doru MALAIA to prevent unauthorized use or distribution thereof. If you become aware of any unauthorized use or distribution of the Sounds, you shall immediately notify Doru MALAIA via email at  or by phone at 0040-744119371 or 0040747035803.
                                                       Doru MALAIA

For any question you can contact me HERE !


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